Advanced topics in subatomic physics

Precision experiments with muons

The lecture is given jointly with Randolf Pohl, who has just joined the faculty in Mainz and is one of the leading experts for muonic atoms.

We will discuss precision experiments in particle and atomic physics that use muons. These experiments allow for some of the most stringent tests of the Standard Model of elementary particle physics and observed discrepancies might hint at new physics beyond the standard model.The lecture offers insights into experimental and theoretical methods in current nuclear, atomic and particle physics.


- Muon production and decay
- Muonic atoms: The proton radius puzzle
- Magnetic moment of the muon: Theory and experiment
- Cold muon beams
- Physics with muonium
- Searches for lepton flavour violation: Theory and high rate experiments

Place and time:

Tuesday 8-10 and Thursday 12-14 or by agreement. Seminar room I, institute of nuclear physics (KPH).

Brookhaven National Lab

Lectures and Materials:

Note that most of the lecture happens on the blackboard. Additional material will be posted here. Recommended books and other reading material will be discussed in the first lecture.

24.10. Introduction, plan of lecture, symmetries and conservation laws, problems of the standard model