Currently, we are involved in the following experiments:

Logo P2The P2 experiment at the new electron accelerator MESA in Mainz aims to measure the weak mixing angle in electron-proton scattering with unprecedented precision. Our group is designing and building a fast pixel tracker for this experiment.

BES III LogoThe BES III experiment in Beijing studies electron-positron collisions in the energy range from 2.5 to 4.5 GeV. Our group analyses data from BES in order to understand the meson spectrum, i.e. how the strong nuclear force binds quarks and antiquarks.

Mu3e LogoThe Mu3e experiment searches for the lepton flavour violating decay of a muon to three electrons. For this high precision, high rate experiment we are developing the data acquisition and track reconstruction.

MuX LogoThe muX experiment studies X-rays emitted from muonic atoms to determine nuclear charge radii of unstable isotopes such as radium and curium. Our group contributed to the data acqusiition system and investigates the feasibility of a measurement of atomic parity violation in muonic zinc or kryprton.