MuPix ChipHigh Voltage Monolithic Active Pixel Sensors: A new silicon sensor technology allowing for fast and extremely thin pixellated sensors.

FPGA developmentFirmware for data transmission and event selection on Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs): Acquire, sort, transmit and process Gbits to Tbits of data per second using custom firmware on state of the art programmable electronics and connected multi-GBit/s optical links.

Track recosntructionReconstruction of charged particle tracks is a formidable pattern recognition task in modern high rate detectors. We develop and apply algorithms for fast and accurate track finding, track fitting and detector alignment, both on- and off-line.

GPU ComputoingMassively parallel computing on graphics cards (GPUs) can help solve the computational challenges of fast track and vertex reconstruction and also be used to speed up amplitude analyses.

MuPix TelescopeDetector tests using the MuPix telescope: We have built a four layer track telescope from MuPix pixel sensors which can be used for detector tests up to extremely high rates.

Amplitude AnalysisAmplitude analysis is a core technology to extract the hadron spectrum from collision data, e.g. form the BES III experiment. We are involved in implementing and optimizing novel models in the analysis and applying them to interesting channels in the BES III data.