Advanced Topics in Subatomic Physics: Muon Physics

The course will discuss particle and nuclear physics with muons, including:

  • Precsion measurements using muons: The muon lifetime
  • Tests of the weak interaction: Muon decay parameters
  • Searches for lepton flavour violation using muons
  • Muonic X-rays as a tool for studying nuclei

We will look at original research literature and many ongoing experiments and discuss

  • What is a good motivation for an experiment
  • What drives the design of an experiment
  • How do I interpret and evaluate results of an experiment

The lecture will take place using the big blue button video conference system, at

Course materials can be found at

(course password given in the lectures)

The lectures take place on Tuesday at 10-12 ct and Friday 8-10 ct (other dates can be agreed on in the first week), we start on November 3rd.